Akyaka - Gökova

The Gulf of Gokova

As you head into the Gulf of Gokova, you will discover an almost deserted coastline, which agreeably manifests itself into beautiful anchorages and sleepy fishing villages. Remote and largely unblemished, you will seldom fail to find a deserted bay.
The hamlets around the Gulf are virtually isolated, unlike ancient times when this Gulf boasted numerous great cities near the water. Among the specific points of interest within the Gulf are places like Kara Adasi, a large island south east of Bodrum. Here you can anchor and make your way ashore to investigate the hot mineral springs, said to be beneficial for those ailing with rheumatism and arthritis. Along the coast to the east, call into the tiny hamlet of Cokertme. A small cluster of houses, a couple of restaurants and a cottage industry of traditional carpet making provide yet another idyllic setting. As is often the case with these villages, the locals are incredibly friendly and you are likely to be treated as a guest rather than a tourist. Cruise eastwards to Snake and Castle Islands. Here you will find the ruins of an old amphitheatre complete with a friendly guide to show you round. On the far side of Castle Island is the beautiful Cleopatra's beach. Legend has it that Cleopatra imported the sand from Egypt to make a beach on which she and Anthony could sunbathe. Fascinatingly, no similar sand is found in the area and recent analysis indicates that is does in fact come from Egypt. Towards the head of the Gulf lies Karacasogut, a land locked tree-lined bay, providing a stunning setting for yachts. Should you go west, you will be drawn in to the enchantment of the Yedi Adalar, (Seven Islands), where the numerous anchorages virtually guarantee you your own private bay for the night.

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