God sends its most beloved people to Knidos (Datça) to have long lives. Strabon

When you think that words are not enough and how hard and unexplainable it is while talking about an event, a phenomenon to a person who does not experience  this, we say “can’t be told but only experienced”   with a cliché expression known by everybody.

Datça has shimmery, deep blue, 52 big and small coves which have the quality of an aquarium on the coastline of 235 km which connects Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.

Our county, which does not have big residence centers and industry facilities, has an extraordinary clean sea as well as its air. Although our country has beaches with blue flags, it is also possible to have a sea delight at other points with peace of mind.

Datça is exactly like an aquarium heaven with all neat beaches and coves that it has at the county centre and surrounding areas. It is another kind pleasure to have sea delight with its neat waters and blue flag coves.

If you pass by Datça you should absolutely see the Old Datça. Do not pay too much attention to the fact that its name is Old Datça. Here is the most organized one among the districts of Datça and also a place which has all the favorite places of recent years. Being old, being the first settlement area and having a majority of the old ruined buildings. Now those ruined buildings are raised one by one. Old Datça houses which have two floors at most has given a visual richness with stone dressing which is a product of art and also with its narrow streets ornamented with begonvilles.

Knidos is carried to Tekir Cape in 4th century B.C.  for commercial reasons. The city which has been established against Hippodamus plan has temples, holy areas, theaters and magnificent buildings which are all more beautiful than one another. Lots of scientists and artists have grown up here. Second largest and most important medical school of the history is opened in Knidos. Beauty of the Statue of Aphrodite, who is considered to be the Goddess of love and beauty, which has been made by Sculptor Praxiteles as a naked woman becomes legendary. People come from lands far away to visit Knidos just to see this statue.

Richness of Datça in terms of plants is known since the ancient ages. It is very clear that this quality has played an important role for Knidos to be an important medical center. Climate qualities are the major reason of Flora richness. When you say Datça flora almond comes to mind first. It does not matter if you think of green almond of the spring or of the almond kernel after the spring.  Datça almond has an important existence in both terms.

Windmills by the side of Marmaris highway which we have seen while we were passing through Kızlan  area, which seem to  have lost their hopes, which looks a little tired and angry and the arms of which we have cut thus stealing their wind. One of these windmills has been restored by Association of Datça District Governorship for Taking Services to the Villages and has been presented to the service of tourism.

Solemnity of the olive oil, the fact that it is the most noble of all the trees must be resulting from the fact that it is a tree which comes from times the age of which cannot even be estimated. Olive oil which is the juice of olive fruit gains different tastes in every region where it gets its water and wind. there is nothing to say about the taste of golden fluid of Datça which turns to green from yellow.

There is only green, blue and you on Datça coves

Our Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, wonderful coves and gulfs at these coasts constitute the focus of cruise line today. Ancient ruins and monuments becoming integrated with natural beauties during the cruise becomes its ornament which cannot be had enough. The name Mavi Yolculuk (Cruise Trip) belongs to Sabahattin Eyüboğlu. It would be good to note that you can understand why this trip is called as “mavi” (blue) only after it ended.

The sea and the sky are all before you during this deep blue trip, at every tone of the blue. Datça is a peninsula which is virgin in all aspects and which feels itself prepared for world tourism with its natural beaches, its sea and sun.

Datça almond is the most delicious almond of Turkey. We have various species of almonds such as Nurlu, Ak, Kababağ, Dedebağ, Sıra and Diş almonds. The most quality one is Nurlu whereas the one that is most easily eaten is Diş almond with thin shells. The almond which has a green outer shell and which is eaten fresh is called green almond (Çağla). Its Latin name is Prunos Amygdalus and Prunusdulcis. One of them is a sweet almond species while the other is a bitter one and they contain phosphor, zinc, copper, calcium, iron and special oils. It has a high nutritional value and it is used in many areas in pharmaceuticals. Datça almond is accepted as the best almond in the world and American almonds come second.

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