Turgut is situated on the 35th. kilometer of the Marmaris-Hisarönü road. Area has been able to remain unspoiled due to its conservation status. Since the are is not tourism-oriented, it’s one of the few-remaining calm areas. Its panorama, shores, beaches and atmosphere are amazing. The village is famous with its waterfall.

The waterfall doesn’t look alike the waterfalls that are large and imposing. The waterfall drops from a height of about 6to 7 meters, and it is possible to swim in the small pond that forms below. The waterfalls a heavenly garden where the water and the forest are intertwined. There are some ruins of an ancient windmill in the entrance of the waterfall. In front of these ruins there is an open fire in which villager cooks Bazlama. Bazlama and a glass of ayran will be a delicious feast for hungry people. The waterfall is a popular stopover point for those on a jeep safari as well.

On the way to the waterfall from the village center, about a kilometer away on the right-hand slope there is an ancient structure not obvious at first glance. It has been found out that these ruins belong to tomb of Diyagoras